Sustainability at LOESCHE

Today more than ever, LOESCHE's innovative lens must focus on the sustainable transformation of our industries.


Our Sustainability Report 2021 consolidates our company's strategies in the areas of environment, social and governance (ESG) as well as all about LOESCHE's innovative products and services that help the customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

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"LOESCHE has always focused on improving process efficiency and reducing consumption in all our industrial plants. Our products are the result of innovative research and development. Today, more than ever, we need to align this innovative focus with the sustainable transformation of our industries."

- Rüdiger Zerbe, Managing Director of LOESCHE

Sustainability at LOESCHE 2021

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LOESCHE Sustainability Report 2021

Our Commitment to the Observance of Human Rights

As a company that operates under high social, environmental, and ethical standards, LOESCHE GmbH is aware of its duty of care and is committed to respecting and observing all internationally recognised civil rights and liberties, and human rights. In all of the countries where we operate, we respect the applicable laws and regulations as the basis for our business activities.

LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (EN)
LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (DE)
LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (ES)