Sustainability at LOESCHE

Our objective is to maintain a steadfast focus on quantifying and managing our influence on the planet and society, all while consistently reporting on our accomplishments and challenges on an annual basis.


Last year, LOESCHE proudly released its first voluntary Sustainability Report. At that time, it was a strategic decision by our management, firmly establishing sustainability as a top priority within the company – a commitment that has long been ingrained in LOESCHE’s ethos.

Today, one year later, we are delighted to present our second Sustainability Report – still voluntarily, as regulatory bodies have given us a grace period before we become obligated to report under the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

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- Dr. Regina Krammer
Sr. Manager for Knowledge Management, Communication & Sustainability Member of the LOESCHE Works Council

Sustainability at LOESCHE

Full Reports 

LOESCHE Sustainability Report 2021
LOESCHE Sustainability Report 2022

Our Commitment to the Observance of Human Rights

As a company that operates under high social, environmental, and ethical standards, LOESCHE GmbH is aware of its duty of care and is committed to respecting and observing all internationally recognised civil rights and liberties, and human rights. In all of the countries where we operate, we respect the applicable laws and regulations as the basis for our business activities.

LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (EN)
LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (ES)
LOESCHE's Commitment on Human Rights (DE)
Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the LOESCHE Group
Verhaltenskodex für Lieferanten der LOESCHE Gruppe