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LOESCHE Energy Systems India Private Limited (LESI) is a subsidiary company of LOESCHE ENERGY SYSTEMS LTD, UK and Part of LOESCHE Group. LESI is incorporated in the year 2016 to cater to Power Industry needs for Coal Pulverisers and upgradation of existing ones for better plant performances. LESI is established to handle supply & services of Coal mills & Dynamic Classifiers to Indian Coal Based Power generation Industry and serve as a supplier of LOESCHE products, spares & services to group companies globally. The factory is located in Chennai - a major manufacturing hub in the Southern region of India. Chennai has second largest sea port of the country, the location thus facilitates smooth international logistic options in addition to national accessibility via road and rail.

Manufacturing Capability

LESI Plant is holding a total space of 6400 Sq. Meter which includes Workshop, Office, and Stores etc. The Manufacturing Setup is equipped with latest technology machines including CNC Plasma Cutting machine for precise and quality production of goods. The shop floor is equipped with installation of EOT cranes of 20 Tons & 30 Tons capacity each for easy and safe handling of heavy machinery parts.

Raw Material:

LESI is having facilities to handle variety of materials namely Carbon Steels, Alloy steels, Stainless Steels and Special Wear Plates such as Hardox 400 and 500 of various thickness between 3 mm to 60 mm with properly identified storage area per material gradevise and with tracebility identification.

Raw Materials are procured from reputed suppliers in India and verified at incoming stage for compliance of specification as per LOESCHE Global Quality norms before commencement of any manufacturing activity.

Metal Cutting:

LESI holding metal cutting facilities to get best cutting quality with high dimesnional accuracy and faster prouctivity by using CNC operated Plasma and Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting.

Metal Forming:

To meet the fabrication capability according to the size and capacity, LESI holds Plate rolling machine to make cones / shells according to the design for fabricating Grit Funnels, Grit Collectors and Classifier Housings accrodingly.

Assembly Tables:

Assembly fixtures or fit up tables are made with an special arrangement of plates well above from ground to achive the required flatness and dimensional accuracy of flanges, cones and shells etc..,

To meet highest quality performance, prodcutivity, Uniformity and repetability there are 8 nos of Assembly tables of size 6000 mm X 6000 mm are available.

Metal Joining:

LESI engages principally three different welding process namely GMAW, SMAW and GTAW for all materials involved in classifiers with established welding procedures as per international codes and standards.

Welding process and welding equipments were selected in such a way to make sure consistant quality with prodcutivity.

Very well trained and qualified welding personnel as per international codes and astandards such as  DIN & ASME are engaged for welding of classifier components.


Conventional Machining Such as Milling and Lathe are avaialble to cater the need of machining of components.  CNC maching is outsourced.

Drilling Machine Specifications:

Radial Drilling Machine:

The BR-6 series of radial drilling machines is been procured with latest features as well as to improve the performance in operation.

Bench drilling machine

Of Model BDM / GT Make EIFCO MACHINE TOOLS. Maximum drilling capacity is 20mm, Max. Dist between Spindle and Table 300mm, Dist between Spindle and base is 500mm No of Spindle speed is 10, Mores tapper is MT2, and Motor capacity is 1hp/1440 rpm.

Panther Make Lathe

Of Model No.2050 Swing over bed 595mm, Swing over saddle is 460mm, Cross slide travel is 275mm, 3 jaw chuck of dia 8”, 4 jaw chuck of dia 16”, Number of spindle speed is 8, distance between chuck to tool post centre is 1500mm, Spindle sleeve and Tail stick is MT4, both British and metric thread can be machined and Motor capacity is 3hp. Other accessories keyway cutting attachment and quick change tool post with tool holder.

Universal Milling machine 

Of Model EUMA - 3 Make  ESSKAY. It’s X - Axis travel is 1200mm, Y - Axis travel is 440mm, Z- Axis travel is 320mm, spindle taper is ISO 40, No of spindle speed is 18, Feed Motor capacity is 1.1kw / 1413rpm and spindle Motor capacity is 3.7kw/1440

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