From Compact to Modular

From Compact to Modular

By admin
on Dec 8th, 2021

As a rule, time, costs, and project scope are the most important factors in business decisions. Often projects cannot be realized because they require too much time, too great an investment, or generally too much effort.

For this reason, LOESCHE developed the Compact Cement Grinding Plant (CCG) several years ago, which has been commissioned or is about to be commissioned in more than 12 plants worldwide since its market launch.

The focus during the development of the CCG was on the smallest possible footprint, rather than on the flexibility of the individual buildings.

These plants proved very quickly the advantages of a compact design. With such a plant, cement production can start up in less than a year. This makes it possible to develop existing markets quickly. New markets can be tested with low risk and low investment, as the complete plant can be relocated with little effort.

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