LOMA® Heater


The LOESCHE combustion chamber, known around the world by the name LOMA® heater (LOchMAntel = German for perforated jacket), initiated the age of steel combustion chambers with no refractory linings and is the prototype of all these combustion chambers which are used today worldwide for all kinds of thermal processes.

For our clients

  • First Hot Gas Generator in 1960
  • More than 500 LOMA® -Heaters are operational worldwide
  • Use of a variety of fuels
  • Heat resistance steel chamber up to 750 °C
  • Almost adiabatic burning chamber
  • Un-delayed performance adjustment during fast load changes
  • Emergency chimney is not required
  • Quick cooling rate / fast access for inspection
  • Low attrition, low maintenance cost
  • Heat capacity from 0.5 MW (1.5 MM Btu/hr) to 60 MW(200 MM Btu/hr)
  • Installation in vertical or horizontal direction is possible
  • Low weight and short assembly times and high availability

The LOESCHE Steel Combustion Chamber

In combination with a multiple-lance burner (MLB) constitutes a special development for burning lean gases and is characterised by the following features:

  • Combustion of lean gases from a calorific value of 2800 kJ/m³ (standard conditions) without a supporting burner
  • Thermal output of 0.5 MW to 60 MW
  • Wide control range up to 1:70
  • Short flame and stable combustion
  • Low CO and NO x content in the exhaust gas

Hard coal, lignite and wood dust burning in a non-lined HGG

Since 1988 Loesche has supplied a large number of hot gas generators with outputs of up to 60 MW to burn wood dust from the chipboard industry.

Loesche hot-gas generators for solid fuels are characterised by the following features:

  • High degree of mixing between dust and combustion air
  • Total combustion
  • Pulsation-free flame
  • Monitored flame temperature
  • No caking on the combustion chamber walls
  • Gases and oils can be used as the second fuel
  • Complete redundancy with secondary fuel
  • No heat-up phase required
  • Pulsation-free dosing.