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Cemtech Middle East & Africa 2019

When: 17.02. - 20.02.2019
Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Participants: Mr. Thomas Fahrland, Mr. Abdullah Bellafkih (Loesche GmbH)

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13th Global CemFuels Conference & Exhibition

When: 20.02. - 21.02.2019
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Booth No. 25

Participants: Michael Gramling (Loesche GmbH)

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SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 121st National Western Mining Conference

When: 24.02. - 27.02.2019
Where: Denver, CO, USA

Participants: Mr. Guillermo Benjumea (Loesche America, Inc.)

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14th Global Slag Conference

When: 26.03. - 27.03.2019
Where: Aachen, Germany

Participants: Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp, Dr. Holger Wulfert (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Jonathan Smith (Loesche South Africa), Mr. Xingyuan Hou, (Loesche Shanghai)

Paper 12: 'Loesche-separation plant for production of ultrafine granulated blastfurnace slag and utilisation concepts,' Prof. Dr. Horst Michael Ludwig; Bauhaus Universität Weimar, F. A. Finger-Institut für Baustoffkunde; Dr. Holger Wulfert, Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp (speaker), Loesche

Paper 18: : 'Dry granulated BF sand: A groundbreaking and sustainable Innovation – Production process, product grinding and building materials investigations,' Dr. Alexander Fleischanderl, Thomas Fenzl (speaker); Primetals; Dr. Holger Wulfert, Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp; Loesche; Prof. Dr. Horst Michael Ludwig; Bauhaus Universität Weimar, F. A. Finger-Institut für Baustoffkunde


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CRU Phosphates 2019

When: 25.03. - 27.03.2019
Where: Orlando, FL, USA

Participants: Mr. Guillemo Benjumea, Mr. Eduardo Garcia (Loesche America Inc.), Mr. Alfonso Fernandez (Loesche Latinoamericana)


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When: 11.04. - 12.04.2019
Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Booth No. 12

Participants: Mr. Juergen Triep, Mr. Eduardo Garcia (Loesche America Inc.), Mr. Helmut Lembke (L&G Projetos Industriais Ltda.)


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IMCET 2019

When: 16.04. - 19.04.2019
Where: Belek/Antalya, Turkey
Booth No. A17/A18

Participants: Dr. Carsten Gerold, Mr. Christian Schmitz, Mr. Tobias Korz, Mr. Benjamin Berg (Loesche GmbH)

Paper 1: Learning from other Industries; why vertical roller mills are a serious alternative for ore comminution. Presenter: Dr. Carsten Gerold

Paper 2: A fundamental change in approach – grinding ores in vertical roller mills. Presentation of test results. Presenter: Mr. Christian Schmitz

Paper 3: VRM – cutting edge technology for a constantly increasing variety of applications Presenter: Mr. Benjamin Berg


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Mining World Russia

When: 24.04. - 25.04.2019
Where: Moscow, Russia

Participants: Mr. Artur Fink, Mr. Alexej Smirnov (OOO Loesche)


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ELECTRIC POWER Conference & Exhibition

When: 23.04. - 26.04.2019
Where: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Participants: Mr. Paul Garnham (LOESCHE Energy Systems Ltd.)


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61st Annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference

When: 28.04. - 10.05.2019
Where: St. Louis, MO, USA

Participants: Mr. Juergen Triep (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Manuel Moreno, Mr. Guillemo Benjumea, Mr. Eduardo Garcia, (LOESCHE America Inc.)


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4th East Africa Cement, Concrete & Energy Summit

When: 04.2019
Where: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Participants: Mr. Michael Völker (Loesche GmbH)


Berliner Konferenz Mineralische Nebenprodukte und Abfälle

When: 13.05. - 14.05.2019
Where: Berlin, Germany

Participants: Dr. Holger Wulfert (Loesche GmbH) 


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Green Cementech by CII

When: 30.05. - 31.05.2019
Where: Hyderabad, India

Participants: Mr. Rajesh Khanna, Mr. Vijayan E Pillai (Loesche India)


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Caminex 2019

When: 04.06 - 06.06.2019
Where: Kitwe, Zambia
Booth No. 07

Participants: Mr. Jonathan Smith, Christian Gerhard (Loesche South Africa)


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When: 04.06. - 06.06.2019
Where: Moscow, Russia

Participants: Mr. Artur Fink, Mr. Alexej Smirnov (LOESCHE OOO).


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Reinhold NOx and PCUG 2019 (Combined Southern Technical)

When: 24.06 - 27.06.2019
Where: Birmingham, AL, USA

Partcipants: Mr. Paul Garnham (LOESCHE Energy Systems Ltd.)


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When: 02 - 04.09.2019

Partcipants: Mr. Juergen Triep, Mr. Guillermo Benjumea, Mr. Manuel Moreno (Loesche America Inc.)


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SAG 2019

When: 20.09 - 24.09.2019
Where: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Partcipants: Dr. Carsten Gerold, Mr. Christian Schmitz (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Guillermo Benjumea (Loesche America Inc.)


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Mining Metals

When: 18.09 - 20.09.2019
Where: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Participants: Mr. Artur Fink, Mr. Alexej Smirnov (OOO Loesche)


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When: 08.10 - 11.10.2019
Where: Antalya, Turkey

Partcipants: Mr. Benjamin Berg (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Hasan Basoglu (Mühendislik), Mr. Michael Suppaner (A TEC)


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When: 24.10. - 25.10.2019
Where: Prescott, Arizona, USA
Participants: Peter Windmöller (Loesche GmbH)

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INTERCEM Americas 2019

When: November 2019
Where: USA

Partcipants: Mr. Jürgen Triep, Mr. Thomas Leppak, Mr. Guillermo Benjumea, Mr. Eduardo Garcia (Loesche America Inc.)


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16th NCB International Seminar on Cement, Concrete and Building Materials

When: 03.12 - 06.12.2019
Where: New Delhi, India

Partcipants: Mr. Detlef Blümke, Mr. Vikram Sharma, Mr. Rajesh Khanna, Mr. Kedar Swain (Loesche India)


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When: 24.11 - 26.11.2019
Where: Cairo, Egypt

Partcipants: Mr. Thomas Fahrland, Mr. Abdullah Bellafkih (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Saad Abu Hantach (Loesche Middle East)


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