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Cemtech Middle East & Africa 2018

When: 17.02. - 20.02.2018
Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Participants: Mr. Thomas Fahrland, Mr. Abdullah Bellafkih, Dr. Mathis Reichert (Loesche GmbH) & Mr. Saad Abu Hantach, (Loesche Middle East FZE)

Paper: “Successful scale-up into the unknown” – Dr. Mathis Reichert (Loesche GmbH)

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12th Global CemFuels Conference & Exhibition

When: 20.02. - 21.02.2018
Where: Berlin, Germany
Booth No. 25

Participants: Ms. Taís Mazza, Mr. Michael Gramling, Dr. Ayman Elnaas (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Johannes Uttinger & Mr. Peter Stauder (A TEC GmbH), Mr. Matthias Mersmann & Mr. Matthias Schuhmacher (Aixergee GmbH).

Paper: “Waste-to-Profit: An integrated approach to maximize alternative fuel utilization in cement plants” - Taís Mazza (Loesche GmbH)

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Alternative Raw Materials & Fuels (Slag & AshTrade Americas 2018

When: 22.02. - 23.02.2018
Where: Cancun, Mexico
Booth No. 6 | Room COBA

Participants: Ms. Taís Mazza (Loesche GmbH), Mr. Hannes Uttinger & Dr. Stefan Kern (A TEC GmbH), Mr. Guillermo Benjumea (Loesche America Inc.) & Mr. Matthias Mersmann (aixergee GmbH).

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SME Annual Conference & Expo 2018

When: 25.02. - 28.02.2018
Where: Minneapolis, USA

Participants: Loesche America Inc.

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25th Asean Federation Of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) Technical Symposium & Exhibition

When: 04.04. - 06.04.2018
Where: Bandung, Indonesia
Booth Nº 006

Participants: Mr. Gerhard Salewski, Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp (Loesche GmbH) & Mr. Detlef Blümke (PT Loesche Indonesia).



10th Africa CemenTrade Summit

When: 18.04. - 19.04.2018
Where: Dakar, Senegal

Participants: Mr. Michael Völker (Loesche GmbH) & Mr. Olivier Thomas (PRIMETEC).



Comminution '18

When: 16.04. - 19.04.2018
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
Booth No. 13

Participants: Dr. Carsten Gerold, Mr. Markus Stapelmann, Mr. Matthias Mersmann (Loesche GmbH) & Mr. Jonathan Smith (Loesche South Africa).

· “First application of a Vertical-Roller-Mill in a sulfide copper-gold ore project” - H. Benzer, Hacettepe University & Dr. C. Gerold, Loesche GmbH
· “Vertical-Roller-Mill for pyroxenite hard rock application” – Mr. Markus Stapelmann

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When: 22.04. - 24.04.2018
Where: St. Petersburg, Russia

Participants: Mr. Arthur Fink, Mr. Alexey Smirnov (Loesche OOO) & Dr. Stefan Kern (A TEC GmbH).

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13th Global Slag Conference, Exhibition & Awards

When: 24.04. - 25.04.2018
Where: Prague, Czech Republic
Booth No. 9

Participants: Mr. Stefan Baaken (Loesche GmbH) & Dr. Andreas Jungmann (CALA Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG)

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Beneficiation of Phosphates VIII

When: 29.04. - 04.05.2018
Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Participants: Mr. Jonathan Smith (Loesche South Africa).

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IEEE‐IAS/PCA 2018 Cement Conference

When: 06.05. - 10.05.2018
Where: Nashville, TN, USA
Booth No. 517

Participants: Mr. Juergen Triep, Mr. Manuel Moreno, Mr. Guillemo Benjumea, Mr. Eduardo Garcia & Mr. Thomas Leppak (Loesche America Inc.)

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When: 05.2018
Where: New Delhi, India

Participants: Mr. Mohammed Aslam (Loesche Energy Systems Ltd).

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Berliner Konferenz Mineralische Nebenprodukte und Abfälle

When: 11.06. - 12.06.2017
Where: Berlin, Germany

Participants: Dr. Holger Wulfert & Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp (Loesche GmbH)

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LOESCHE Technical Seminar Lagos 2018

When: June - July 2018
Where: Lagos, Nigeria

Open seminar for below delegates: Members of the Cement Industry Plant managers Process Managers and Personnel Maintenance Managers and Personnel Suppliers to the Cement Industry

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WorldBuild Almaty Conference 2018

When: 04.09. - 06.09.2018
Where: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Participants: Mr. Artur Fink (LOESCHE OOO).

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When: 12.09 - 14.09.2018
Where: Weimar, Germany

Partcipants: Dr. Holger Wulfert, Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp, Dr. Karl-Heinrich Zysk, Mr. Paul Erwerth (LOESCHE GmbH) & Dr. Andreas Jungmann (CALA Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG)

· "
Loesche-Verfahren zur Herstellung von ultrafeinem Hüttensand“ – Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp, Dr. Holger Wulfert, Mr. André Bätz
· "Mobilisierung von hydraulisch aktiven Phasen in BOF-Schlacken durch Herstellung von hochfeinem Material“ – Dr. Holger Wulfert, Dr. Horst-Michael Ludwig, Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp, Dr. Bernd Möser

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8. internationale VDZ-Kongress 2018

When: 26.09. - 28.09.2018
Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

Participants: Mr. Thomas Fahrland (Loesche GmbH).

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When: 09.2018
Where: T.B.A.

Participants: Mr. Juergen Triep, Mr. Guillermo Benjumea, Mr. Manuel Moreno (Loesche America Inc.)

Schlacken Symposium Meitingen 2018

When: 25.10 - 26.10.2018
Where: Meitingen, Germany

Participants: Dr. Winfried Ruhkamp, Dr. Holger Wulfert & & Mr. Paul Erwerth (Loesche GmbH). 

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LOESCHE Technical Seminar Düsseldorf 2018

When: October - November, 2018
Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

Open seminar for below delegates: Members of the Cement Industry Plant managers Process Managers and Personnel Maintenance Managers and Personnel Suppliers to the Cement Industry

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INTERCEM Americas 2018

When: November, 2018
Where: USA

Partcipants: Mr. Jürgen Triep, Mr. Thomas Leppak, Mr. Guillermo Benjumea & Mr. Eduardo Garcia (Loesche America Inc.)

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When: November, 2018
Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Partcipants: Mr. Thomas Fahrland, Abdullah Bellafkih, Dr. Mathis Reichert (Loesche GmbH) & Mr. Saad Abu Hantach (Loesche Middle East)

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