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Maximum reliability, an optimized grinding process, and years of trouble-free operation – that is what you can certainly expect from a LOESCHE grinding plant.

Our Customer Service specialists make sure you get the service you are expecting. You can profit from our technical expertise and experience in the industry to reduce risks in production and improve your profitability.

LOESCHE offers you flexible, individualized service packages that fully cover exactly the services you need. Create your own service package by choosing the services you need from the full range we offer.


LOESCHE Customer Service


Top-quality spare parts – Top priority at LOESCHE

Nothing compares to genuine LOESCHE spare parts. Perfectly designed to meet the needs of your equipment, they stand out thanks to their long service life, outstanding quality, and exact fit.

Getting first-class spare parts to you on time is of strategic importance. That is why the supply of spare parts has top priority at LOESCHE. This applies not only to their procurement but also to their transport and installation. Our Spare Parts team will be glad to assist you with mapping out a strategy for your specific requirements.


LOESCHE Spare Parts


Our spare parts management – a service with many facets We do not just think in terms of components, but instead in terms of total solutions. You want:

  • Maximum reliability and availability?
  • Minimum inventory?
  • Reduced downtime?
  • Reduced capital expenditure?

Then contact us to learn more about our Spare Part Pooling and Common Part Concept.


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From the very beginning, you can count on full support from our Technical Field Service. Our qualified and experienced Field Service personnel takes care of the Installation Supervision and Commissioning of your LOESCHE plant.

Our international team can provide short-term services to our customers worldwide.

No matter if you intend to build a new plant or reconstruct an existing one – our specialists will offer you an adequate service package for installation supervision, process or EC&I commissioning, maintenance, process optimization, repair, and troubleshooting.

From the very beginning: A reliable point of contact for you.

Worldwide our international team of Installation Supervisors ensures the installation of your LOESCHE mill in due time and according to the latest international quality standards. We carry out regular maintenance and repair works. Furthermore, we can offer regular monitoring and inspection of your grinding plant within the terms of a service contract. Should a breakdown occur our experts will give you technical advice. Of course, our team of specialists will also be available on short notice to carry out emergency repairs.


LOESCHE Technical Field Installation

From the first testing to industrial production in accordance with the guaranteed performance as well as efficient site support during the entire life cycle of the grinding plant.

Our experienced Commissioning Engineers will ensure the E,C&I commissioning as well as the hot commissioning of your grinding plant in a most efficient and state-of-the-art manner. Our target is to meet our mutually agreed schedules and your production requirements. In terms of service contracts, we offer extensive site support in order to keep your grinding plant running on the highest efficiency level.


LOESCHE Technical Field Commissioning


With the help of our experienced Loesche specialists, onsite optimizations of the mills and the corresponding mill circuit will be conducted in order to bring back the machines to the optimum level. Not only mechanical inspections internally in the mill with recommendations in terms of grinding parts and mill table conditions, also outside adaptions of the spring assembly, etc. will recondition the mill performance. In addition to the mechanical optimizations, our experienced service engineers will optimize the process conditions of the complete mill circuit in terms of throughput, specific energy consumption, and reliability. Our experiences throughout the years underline the efficiency of our services due to the fact that in general a capacity increase/reduced energy consumption at the mill will be achieved by about 5 %. This onsite service is the first step for a strategic approach to achieve a better performance of the mill circuit. By the installation of retrofits, the grinding section will be sustainably improved.


LOESCHE Services Optimization


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Take advantage of the latest developments: Modernise your plant with proven equipment.

We keep you informed about our technical developments so that you can modernize your grinding plant in order to save energy, increase your productivity and retain the lead in your own field of commercial activity.

The improvements and developments, which are continuously introduced in our newly supplied LOESCHE mills, will also be used for the modernization of existing LOESCHE mills. Your plant can be optimized even if it contains equipment from different manufacturers.

By implementing the newest Loesche solution packages including several optimization components the mill performances will be enhanced significantly. Our reference plants for cement raw material and clinker grinding show that a capacity increase up to approximately 10 % and a reduction of specific energy consumption up to approximately 10 % may be achieved.

All improvements and developments are focusing entirely on:

  • Energy saving
  • Easier maintenance
  • Enhanced life cycle for wear parts
  • Enhanced plant availability
  • Improved electrical, control, and instrumentation systems
  • Enhanced plant productivity

For specific guarantees and detailed benefits, Loesche will create the quotations and return-on-investment calculations in order to underline not only technical improvements but also commercial advantages.

With Loesche modernization products a ROI below 2 years is achieved.


LOESCHE Services Modernization and Retrofits


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Many clients are investigating possibilities for improving mill conditions in terms of utilization and reliability. Loesche as the competent partner in the grinding is capable to illustrate with feasibility studies how to do so.

Loesche is then showing in detail the optimization potentials and the consequences for the complete mill section in terms of the mechanic, process conditions, and plant layout to fulfill the clients’ requirements of achieving higher performances. With the retrofit products and the feasibility study in advance, the clients are able to illustrate the demand for certain adaptions at the mill.

Continuous availability and optimum operation of your grinding plant.

We offer plant audits that support your planning for preventive and corrective maintenance as well as for continuous improvements related to the mechanical and procedural situation of the plant.

In order to increase production, reduce downtime and extend the lifetime of your machinery, experienced LOESCHE specialists comprehensively assess your plant operations. Our experts can evaluate conditions and performance in a general audit that either covers all your plant‘s divisions and departments from A to Z or focuses on the specific milling processes in your mill.


LOESCHE Services Audits

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest". - Benjamin Franklin

The combination of attended teaching and eLearning has already successfully established itself in the advanced vocational training of LOESCHE personnel and customer training.

Well-educated people - optimum plant availability.

Our training courses are adapted to the knowledge level of the respective target group. The objective is to train your employees on a requirement-oriented basis in order to ensure optimum plant availability.

We are currently offering general training sessions on vertical roller mills as well as ‚custom-tailored‘ training units on:

  • Grinding technology
  • Mechanic design of a vertical roller mill
  • Maintenance procedures for vertical roller mills
  • Operation, process parameters, and control loops
  • Quality control
  • Hydraulic systems

Customised training.

Qualified and motivated personnel safeguards the availability and economic efficiency of your plants in the long term.

Our training packages are aimed at:

  • Management level employees
  • Process and plant engineers
  • Maintenance and upkeep personnel

Training courses can be held either locally at your site, supra-regional in your country or centrally at LOESCHE.

LOESCHE combines online training courses which are not tied to a specific time and place with traditional attending teaching in order to consolidate the knowledge with long-lasting effect. Continuous expansion of the training package on the content will ensure that your employees receive requirement-oriented advanced vocational training.

We offer a wide range of different Seminars on LOESCHE-related topics. For more information about past and upcoming Seminars and Events please visit our Technical Seminars page.

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If you are interested in educational and training seminars, please contact the Center for Technical Training & Documentation.


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