Experience Reports


Meet some of our team members and their working experiences at LOESCHE.

While searching for a demanding and diversified internship in Human Resources, I became aware of Loesche, who had advertised a post in the field of Recruiting and Development. My internship at Loesche started in April 2013.

My duties initially focused on data maintenance in SAP and support in personnel development. After the two-month internship, it was possible for me to take on a student trainee position, which allowed me to continue developing my practical experience alongside my business administration course. I was very well integrated into the Human Resources department during my one-year student trainee position. Participating in regular meetings was just as natural as expanding my area of activity and responsibility. I was particularly pleased that the collaboration worked very well even across departments and that I, as a student trainee, was integrated as a fully-fledged member of the team.

In June 2014, I was offered a permanent position as Junior HR Business Partner. The new position is a challenge in which I am able to continue to strongly develop personally and professionally, above all thanks to the support of my colleagues and superiors.



Maria Giangreco

After my "Abitur" (the German school-leaving certificate, permitting entry to a university), my main priority was to gain practical experience in my professional career. This is why I decided to train as an industrial clerk – even then, my area of interest was mechanical engineering.

I was taken on after my apprenticeship and then trained for four years in the purchasing department. Since I was looking for a new challenge in my professional career, I began an extra-occupational business administration course at the VWA Kaiserslautern to further develop my skills. During the extra-occupational course, I applied for a job at Loesche GmbH as a purchaser in the field of C and spare parts. Thanks to some very good training at Loesche, I quickly settled down in the company.

Since I always approached new tasks with an open mind and contributed good ideas, my field of activity has expanded over time to involve more demanding tasks. I thus changed roles twice within the purchasing department: From the C parts purchaser to the external products purchaser and the EPC purchaser.

In order to broaden my purchasing knowledge and internalise new ideas, points of view and strategies, I completed my further training as a chartered purchasing manager (BME) in 2012. I have now been team manager for the purchasing department of External Products since October 2014.

Jessika Jung

After completing my "Abitur" (the German school-leaving certificate, permitting entry to a university), I apprenticed as a carpenter, subsequently finishing my academic studies at the RWTH Aachen University in the field of architecture and urban planning. Then I worked for a few years as a chartered engineer. However, since I was not very pleased with the working conditions in the construction industry, I started investigating development opportunities in other industry sectors in 2007. I then came across the profession of "Technical Editor".

At that time, Loesche was looking for support in the area of Technical Communication in order to establish a training centre in their Customer Service department. I was given the opportunity to enter their traineeship and further my education as a Technical Editor. In addition to Loesche's internal training, I was permitted to participate in external professional development courses with a private educational institution called "tecteam".

After receiving my certificate from "tekom", I finished my traineeship in March 2009. Subsequently, I was offered a staff position as a Technical Editor in Loesche's training centre.

I am engaged in researching and preparing a wide variety of technical contents for in-house and external training documentation, for eLearing courses, and for customer documentation.  At the beginning of 2014, my job description was changed and I am now officially working as a Technical Editor and Terminologist.

Silke Keshta


After beginning my studies in business and administration, I wanted to be able to gain initial practical experience, and apply the theory gained while studying in practice. I was pleased to be able to work as a student trainee at the Recruiting and Development of LOESCHE in the first semester. In my first year in the Human Resources department, I learned several important things about everyday office life, which helped me considerably in the later stages of my studies. In the further course of my student trainee position, I was able to learn about several facets of international Human Resources management in the department of Corporate Human Resources. 

In 2014, I was given the opportunity at the Corporate Human Resources department as a Corporate Human Resources Partner upon completion of my studies. I entered the career after successfully completing my Bachelor's thesis, which was written in cooperation with LOESCHE. In my current role, I oversee the subsidiary companies of LOESCHE in all personnel-related issues, giving me the opportunity to work in a number of foreign countries, such as India, Nigeria, USA, Spain and England.

LOESCHE sets itself apart that even young and inexperienced employees are promoted in the company, and lots of responsibility is taken on right from the start of the employment. Working within the LOESCHE Group is also distinguished by the close relationship the colleagues have with each other.

Maximilian Leppak

After studying Economics, majoring in Human Resources and Controlling, I was given the opportunity in 2007 to take over personnel development at LOESCHE; a position with a broad scope of action and a great deal of responsibility.

Thanks to the induction planning practised at LOESCHE, I soon became acquainted with the processes and was able to contribute my own ideas and suggestions to constantly continue developing the department, which gave me, and still does give me, a great deal of satisfaction. I was very pleased to receive the German Training Award for the implemented methods and processes of personnel development in 2014.

Besides the actual work in personnel development, I was able to leverage the results of my degree thesis as member of a project team formed to develop and implement an in-house HR Management System that would introduce transparent, performance-oriented remuneration and individual development opportunities. 

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to head the company's personnel recruitment and development team. This new managerial post was a great but also interesting challenge.

Since 2011, I have been overseeing our domestic and foreign subsidiary companies in all personnel management issues and have been responsible for them since 1st January 2014 as a Corporate Manager in Human Resources.

Christian Trzeczak

During my Master's degree course as a sales engineer majoring in energy and process engineering, I worked as a student trainee in Plant Enhancement, headed by Mr Thomas Leppak.

My field of duty grew steadily and I was entrusted with responsible and demanding tasks. This gave me an excellent insight into the day-to-day work and I was able to apply what I had learned during my courses. I was given every opportunity to contribute my own ideas and suggestions.

I was warmly accepted by all employees and colleagues and always given the feeling that I was an employee just like any other. The company also gave me the opportunity to write my Master's thesis on the topic of Customer Relationship Management within the company.

In 2010, I was offered a full-time job at LOESCHE in Plant Enhancement where I was able to be fully employed as a sales engineer immediately after graduating.

In the meantime, I have switched to the "Business Development" department, where I am entrusted with the development of new business fields in the area of "Operation & Maintenance". This opportunity resulted from my previous position and shows how much Loesche continuously promotes its staff as an innovative plant engineering company.


Pierre Wlodarzyk