LOESCHE is now an official knowledge partner of the IEA Clean Coal Centre

LOESCHE is now a knowledge partner of the IEA Clean Coal Centre

By admin
on Jul 2nd, 2020

The IEA Clean Coal Centre's extensive network of organizations comprises a group of knowledge partners who share relevant information and results regarding the reduction of environmental impact and the use of coal and enhanced energy security globally.

In 2018, Dr. Roland Aeckersberg, Sr. Manager Process Engineering & Plant Safety at Loesche GmbH, presented a lecture under the concept of "Co-grinding of waste pellets in a vertical roller mill with coal" during the IEA Clean Coal 8th workshop in Denmark.

Following this event, a second lecture was given by Lawrence Mupeta, Director of Operation at Loesche Energy Systems, on the occasion of the IEA Clean Coal 9th workshop in Japan this year, covering the topic of "Coal / Biomass fuel preparation in power plant conversion projects".

After these successful presentations, addressing the rise of sustainable environmental solutions, LOESCHE was invited to become a knowledge partner of the IEA.

We are excited to be part of this renowned group of companies that aim to improve the environmental impact by use of green technologies, renewable resources, and alternative use of energy sources for more sustainable engineering projects.

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