20% increase of Alternative Fuel Firing Within 7 Days Without Invest!

20% increase of Alternative Fuel Firing Within 7 Days Without Invest!

By admin
on Sep 11th, 2018

On August 22nd, the VABM hosted the symposium “Processing waste to alternative fuels for cement industry” in Hanoi to discuss the potential uses of alternative fuels in cement plants to reduce the industry’s carbon dioxide emissions with the processes of the LOESCHE Group. About 180 representatives of corporations in the cement and environment industry, state agencies, and institutes participated paid attention to a variety of topics presented.

The seminar culminated in several “World café sessions” where the delegates had the chance to discuss their specific questions directly with the experts of Loesche, ATEC and aixergee. A Vietnamese cement producer presented his case of secondary fuel burning limitations due to process disturbances. After exchanging the details of the problem, aixergee – specialized in the optimization of cement production – advised the client to make some minor changes to his alternative feeding locations in the calciner. Only one week later, the client had successfully realized these changes without equipment modification and was able to increase his thermal substitution rate by 20% whilst achieving a more stable plant operation.

Know-how of aixergee Allows Cement Producer to Save Money At Once!

Sais Le Van Cuong from Thanh Cong 3 Cement:

Thanks  Mr. Matthias Mersmann;

We are Thanh Cong 3 Cement Company with co-processing waste in Vietnam. At the symposium " Processing waste to alternative fuels for the cement industry", You advised us on waste disposal at calciner of preheater (center burner). Now, we are operating well and can reduce coal ( reduce about  1 ton coal  per hour-20% fuels consumption)

Best wishes for you!

Matthias Mersmann, managing director of aixergee: “Throughout 20 years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge from more than 250 projects around the world, most of them dealing with the maximization of secondary fuel burning. We have the know-how and the ability to analyze, simulate and improve the process like possibly no other consultant or even OEM equipment supplier in the world. Based on this strong knowledge base we can give advice to our clients which does not necessarily need a simulation upfront.”

Aixergee – a company of the Loesche group – provides supplier-independent expertise for the optimization of the cement production. Production increase, secondary fuel firing and emissions reduction (CO2,NOx, SOx) are the focal points for low-invest improvement projects for customers all over the world. Aixergee combines decades of cement experience with world best modeling and simulation capabilities. Bottlenecks and root causes are unquestionably identified and low cost optimization solutions are provided – mostly without major equipment retrofits.