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Multiple lance burner for burning lean gases

The multiple-lance burner comprises a number of individual nozzles for lean gas and combustion air, thereby enabling lean gas to be fully combusted without a supporting flame. Both media strike one another within the nozzle system at high velocity. This provides for an intensive mixing of the media, and thereby ensures that the basic requirement for efficient combustion is achieved. The main burner has a control range of 1:10, the start burner has a control range of 1:5 to 1:8.

Every necessary operating point within the control range of 1:40 to 1:70 can therefore be easily achieved.

Our Portfolio comprises the burner, the gas regulating station, the complete burner control (LOMA Control, service for the erection, commissioning and After-Sales Service. 

More information about burner control (LOMA Control)

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