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Technology for the 21st century: Laying the foundation for world market leadership?

In the early 1990s, Loesche came up with yet another ground-breaking mill design in the form of the 2+2 cement clinker mill. As was the case with previous Loesche innovations, this mill proved a resounding success around the world. In the years that followed, Loesche GmbH expanded its range of products and services and invested heavily in the development of new technology. The collapse of economies in South-East Asia in 1997 plunged the company into a deep crisis. However, new ideas and the introduction of a series of rationalisation measures enabled the company to recover. Two of the innovations that date from this period are the slide-in procedure and the introduction of the so-called ‘redundancy concept’. By the time demand picked up again in 2003, Loesche had an impressive range of products that included state-of-the-art mills. Very soon, the company was once again world leader in its field.